087. Embird

Types: Fire

Species: Chick pokemon

Height: 0.4 m                                              Weight: 12.5 kg

Embird evolves into Charcock starting at level 22, then into Champeac starting at level 42

Embird is a small yellow chick-like pokemon. It has golden claws and beak which is connected to the body in a flame shape. It's head is capped with an egg shell, stating they are newly hatched. If the shell is knocked off, thier ability Inferno is activated which makes amazing fire which is very deadly. It's two little wings end with red feathers that are shaped like flames. It has a pudgy belly and a curl for a tail. They are quite quick yet clumsy and are known to fall over when sprinting.

Bernie, the gym leader at Khakibeach City owns an Embird which is rumoured close to evolution.

The End

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