086. Rockomo

Types: Dragon/Rock

Species: Island pokemon

Height: 1.3 m                                              Weight: 102.6 kg

Rockomo evolves from Komodra starting at level 36

Rockomo is a brown komodo dragon-like pokemon. It has a horn made of rock at the end of its pointed snout. Each shoulder has an uneven mountain growing. Smaller mounds grow off the knees and hips. Its back is very bumpy and uneven as is its tail which ends with another mountain. Its tongue is red and its claws are black, as are the souls of its four large feet. Its roar can be heard from miles away and is often found living near volcanoes. You can tell when a volcano is about to erupt by a sudden mating frenzy. Rockomo like thier eggs hatching in molten lava, so they drop them in and the lava flows to the beach where they hatch, without a mother.   

The End

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