085. Komodra

Types: Dragon

Species: Island pokemon

Height: 0.4 m                                              Weight: 23.3 kg

Komodra evolves into Rockomo starting at level 36

Komodra is a large komodo dragon-like pokemon. It is muddy grey except for a blood red tongue and sandy claws. It has sturdy strong legs, each with three claws that can tear through nearly any material. It has a long tail with stegosaurus-like spikes decorating it. It can break rocks by just wagging the tail. It is slow but deadly with a bite that can chop down a pine tree. It is a lonely and solitary pokemon, found only on remote, tropical islands near Coalbridge Harbour. It enjoys lying in the hot sun and hates to be disturbed. Scarily, its teeth are permantly coated in thin blood.

Gonzalez the gym leader of Coalbridge Gym has a Komodra which he uses in battle

The End

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