084. Groundos

Types: Rock/Ground

Species: Landdweller pokemon

Height: 0.5 m                                              Weight: 9.6 kg

Groundos evolves from Blobabe starting at level 20

Groundos is a sandy-coloured small dinosaur-like pokemon. It looks very different from Seavolve, and at the same time, they are very alike. They both have long beaks but Groundos has a flat one because it does not need to swim. Both have dinosaur-like back spines, but Groundos uses its for protection only. Whilst Seavolve had four bones in each flipper, Groundos has four bones making two front two hands. Seavolve's four tails are shown in Groundos as two back legs each with two claws. Groundos are stubborn, angry and powerful pokemon that have skin as tough as rocks.  

The End

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