082. Blobabe

Types: Water

Species: Simple pokemon

Height: 0.3 m                                              Weight: 5.2 kg

Blobabe evolves starting at level 20. If levelled up in water it evolves into Seavolve but if it is levelled up on land it evolves into Groundos

Blobabe is a simple jellyfish-like pokemon. It has just one eye and no bones but seems to have a little snout which blows bubbles. Its body is made of a see-through jelly with four long blue tentacles coming out of the bottom. The jelly part of the body resembles an zygote when it is dividing up. These tentacles are for show and swimming, they do predators no major harm, except for maybe slapping. It feeds by turning itself inside out and digesting the food with stomach acid before turning outside in.    

The End

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