081. Hoground

Types: Ground

Species: Muddy pokemon

Height: 1.0 m                                              Weight: 56.4 kg

Hoground evolves from Piground starting at level 34

Hoground is a bipedal pig-like pokemon. It is light brown with a dark underbelly and face. It's ears however are light and big compared to the rest of its head. It has large, chunky hips and muscular arms. It has a set of golden tusks that grow out then up. It's curly tail ends can revolve with a drill-like effect into the ground. This is the ultimate digger, as it can use all four legs, its tail and eat the dirt as food. It is quite quick and can smash through a brick wall using tackle.

Terry of Agriledon Town runs a farm of Hoground, he keeps the strongest one as his battling pokemon 

The End

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