079. Bisummit

Types: Grass/Rock

Species: Mountain pokemon

Height: 1.9 m                                              Weight: 172.1 kg

Bisummit evolves from Buffhill starting at level 24

Bisummit is a giant bison-like pokemon. Like Buffhill it has a green mane, but Bisummit's mane stretches all along the spine, over the head, and from chin to tail under the belly. It has a dark brown body and white horns covered by moss. They have no neck, and a mountain like back. They have long, strong legs which helps them climb up mountains. They make homes by headbutting rock until it forms a den. In between thier horns is a big rock covered in green hair. They were nearly wiped out by hunters but strangely brought back to life possibly by a mysterious pokemon. 

The End

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