077. Ursarctic

Types: Water/Ice

Species: Polar pokemon

Height: 2.0 m                                              Weight: 129.4 kg

Ursarctic evolves from Aquatedd starting at level 24

Ursactic is a giant white polar-bear like pokemon. It's muzzle is pale blue and its claws are pearly white. The claws are now more suited for scraping throgh ice for catching Seal pokemon. It is thought to be one of the strongest non-legendary pokemon, and definetely one of the most feared in the Koshen region. The northern areas where it is found have big laws to prevent them raiding homes or attacking people. It is the most endangered pokemon in Koshen, but should have been extinct. The last one was brought back to life, and made pregnant upon ressurection.

Crystal, the gym leader of Sinopia City owns an Ursarctic.

The End

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