076. Aquatedd

Types: Water

Species: Bear pokemon

Height: 0.9 m                                              Weight: 62.3 kg

Aquatedd evolves into Ursarctic starting at level 24

Aquatedd are light mahogany bear-like pokemon. They have a light blue muzzle and a navy nose. The pads on thier paws are also blue and have senses to manipulate water. Thier claws are caramell and are designed for catching migrating fish pokemon. Fans flock to the Sinopia forest to see Aquatted try to catch fish pokemon who are jumping up small waterfalls to get to warmer water. Aquatedd are cute in appearance but very deadly in battle. They can survive in cold climates and hibernate in winter. The months when they are asleep is the safest time to catch one.   

The End

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