075. Poisonpine

Types: Poison

Species: Defense pokemon

Height: 1.2 m                                              Weight: 39.6 kg

Poisonpine evolves from Ekillna starting at level 34

Poisonpine is a dark purple pokemon with spikes covering the entire back of its body. It has a hairstyle of spikes which changes depending on its mood. It moves quite slowly and enjoys annoying predators with the fact that nobody can eat it. All four of its paws are black with sharp claws. It has a long, fat tail which drags along the floor sometimes leaving a trail of toxic chemicals. This pokemon is rarely ever loved or cared for due to its violent and unloving manner.

However one person loves the Poisonpine, Professor Kaku of Showzon City Gym owns a Poisonpine

The End

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