074. Ekillna

Types: Poison

Species: Spike pokemon

Height: 0.6 m                                              Weight: 8.2 kg

Ekillna evolves into Poisonpine starting at level 34

Ekillna is a purple echidna-like pokemon. Its back is decorated with dozens of thin spikes that it can fire at will and new ones will grow back. It has a long violet beak and indigo claws which are great for digging. It lives in the forests or the polluted areas near Showzon City. In the areas it lives in, it has become famous to predators for its amazing defensive skills. These spikes if left in the skin for 5 minutes, will result in fainting. When they use rollout they can litter the area with thier poisonous spikes

Professor Kaku of Showzon City has an Ekillna which he uses in gym battles

The End

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