073. Minotyran

Types: Fighting/Dark

Species: Labyrinth pokemon

Height: 2.2 m                                              Weight: 96.8 kg

Minotyran evolves from Centough if evolved at night.

Minotyran looks completely different from Centough. It is a giant black furred monster which is half bull and half man. Its hind legs are from a bull, with two black hooves and a murky, long tail. It has the torso of a man, including muscular arms which are often carrying weapons and the head of a bull. Its nose has a golden ring through it, that is the same colour as the horns on its head. This pokemon is evil and lives in caves or mazes, never wanting to come out of the shadows. When this pokemon strikes, it gets the job done. The only way to defeat it, is with agility and brains. Minotyran are not very clever. 

The End

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