071. Mediblossom

Types: Psychic/Grass

Species: Natural pokemon

Height: 1.7 m                                              Weight: 31.8 kg

Mediblossom evolves from Medibloom starting at level 35. It is the final form of Medibulb.

Mediblossom is a tall, free-spirited pokemon that roams the grasslands. It prances around absorbing positive psychic energy from plants. It has a long pale green face with a native american head piece made of pink rose petals. Its eyes never focus and seems stupid at first glance, but is actually very strong and very clever. It wears a scarf and belt or green leaves and lily petals. When the two items connect, they fire off a ball of energy which can leave the target paralysed.

Sybill, the gym leader of Weathercap City, owns a Mediblossom

The End

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