070. Medibloom

Types: Psychic/Grass

Species: Bulb pokemon

Height: 0.8 m                                              Weight: 11.4 kg

Medibloom evolves from Medibulb starting at level 20, and evolves into Mediblossom starting at level 35

Medibloom is a tall, skinny pokemon. It's face is surrounded by long pink petal leaves that have awoken the pokemons eyes. Its body is very skinny, but the leaves which were once its body have peeled back to made a green skirt which stays straight in mid-air due to the amazing amount of power that it being let off. Its legs are a yellower shade of green and are complete stems instead of roots. When they criss-cross over in a braide-like fashion they absorb psychic energy and cause Medibloom to hover.   

The End

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