069. Medibulb

Types: Psychic/Grass

Species: Bulb pokemon

Height: 0.3 m                                              Weight: 1.3kg

Medibulb evolves into Medibloom starting at level 20, then evolves into Mediblossom starting at level 35

Medibulb is a small rose pokemon. It's body is short and made of prickly green leaves with four thorny roots for legs. It's head is a pink rose with two closed eyes on the front petal. It's top lip is part of the pink petal, whilst its bottom lip is part of the green leaves that is its body. It has no arms, just two hands each with four fingers made of red rose and tipped with spikes. It has amazing psychic strength but is often stubborn and loves to take things slowly. In battle, the more you rush, the more Medibulb disobeys.    

The End

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