068. Oceapus

Types: Water

Species: Odd pokemon

Height: 0.9 m                                              Weight: 13.6 kg

Oceapus evolves from Platysea starting at level 26

Oceapus is a giant platypus-like pokemon. It is dark orange except for its golden beak and feet and brown beavers tail. It's beak has a blue raindrop shape patterned on, as does its tail. The blue swirls on its back, that it inherited from Platysea have become small cannons for firing jets of water. It is big and clumsy and does not excel on land. It prefers the water where it can make waves twice its size by splashing its tail or beak. When it rains, the two raindrop shapes light up, symbolizing full rehydration. This is when it excels the best and performs its strongest moves.

The End

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