066. Damantler

Types: Normal

Species: Stampede pokemon

Height: 1.7 m                                              Weight: 74.2 kg

Damantler evolves from Fowldama starting at level 33

Damantler are large elk-like pokemon that run around in herds. It is dark tan with white antlers and black hooves. They use thier strong antlers to battle or to collect fruit. They can control thier antlers like we would our hands. They have an cargo-coloured tail in the shape of a leaf with two smaller leaves on the side. They have musclar legs which can kick down a brick wall. Despite this strength, they are social pokemon who only graze in large herds. No herd fewer than seven has ever been documented in the wild. If any herd member spots a predator, all members will attack using a surprising pallet of moves. 

The End

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