065. Fowldama

Types: Normal

Species: Fowl pokemon

Height: 0.9 m                                              Weight: 41.5 kg

Fowldama evolves into Damantler starting at level 33

Fowldama is a young pale brown deer pokemon. They have a cream tan coloured muzzle and a darker shade on the antlers and hooves. They have short and skinny legs and a small cotton tuft for a tail. At a first glance they are simple pokemon, but in fact are very elegant and beautiful. Though they are not very strong, they excel in contests. They are very timid and are only found in Phestring Forest, where they are very hard to find or capture. All they eat are the berries, giving them an amazing immune system. They are less likely to be burned, poisoned, defeated or paralysed then any other pokemon without a berry.

The End

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