064. Fluffright

Types: Ghost

Species: Spooker pokemon

Height: 0.8 m                                              Weight: 1.1 kg

Fluffright evolves from Spookute via happiness

Fluffright is a black ball of fur that can float. It has two white hands, and two white feet that are made of pur bone. These hands and feet never touch to body but instead are connected by an endless chain of bone. These hands and feet each have three claws which curl like talons. Fluffright have long, thin black tails that ends with a skull. It is slightly more scary than its pre-evolution but still thought of as a joke. When it sees anyone it acts as though it is the last person it will ever see and builds up to biggest scare ever. This often lives up to its expectations but in retrospect not very scary at all.

The End

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