063. Spookute

Types: Ghost

Species: Lonely pokemon

Height: 0.4 m                                              Weight: 0.7 kg

Spookute evolves into Fluffright via happiness

Spookute is a small purple pokemon made of vapour. It has no legs just a skirt-like body with two feet with three claws hovering just off the bottom of its skirt. It has two round hands with little claws on each side of its body which can extend to any length by an endless chain of bones. This pokemon is the most misunderstood of all. It is adorable and loved by girls, much to its dismay. As a ghost pokemon, it lives to scare and haunt, but is never taken seriously. When it tries to scare, it is often laughed at for being silly and cute. It is overjoyed by screams and evolves by scaring people. This often takes a while.

The End

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