061. Multle

Types: Electric

Species: Cheerleader pokemon

Height: 0.9 m                                              Weight: 32.7 kg

Multle evolves from Plusle via a Thunder Stone. It is one of Summouse's final forms.

Multle is an amber-coloured rat pokemon that stands on two red feet. It has two long ears the end is red pom-pom like tassles. Like Pikachu, it has two red cheeks which are the source of its electricity. It has a red cheer-leaders skirt, that act like a jellyfishes tentacle. It can tear and then grow back. Its tail zig-zags like a thunder bolt before tipping with a red 'x', the symbol for multiplication. Its red paws have a small circle in the palms which shoot out as electric pom poms to use in battle and celebration. It is madly in love with any Divive it sees. They are one of the happiest, friendliest pokemon around.

The End

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