058. Summouse

Types: Electric

Species: Selfish pokemon

Height: 0.3 m                                              Weight: 2.6 kg

Summouse evolves into Plusle via happiness with a Minun in your party, and vice versa. From there Plusle evolves into Multle and Minun evolves into Divive if either is exposed to a Thunder Stone. 

Summouse is a small cream bipedal mouse with electric power. It has two large round ears and a stubby tail. It is a plain looking pokemon at first glance. It can run remarkebly quick and was once used to power machines if it used Volt tackle while running on a wheel. It has a giant brain for its body and is very intelligent but sadly all the electricity shorts it out, rendering it quite stupid in later life. It is a selfish pokemon, that refuses to do anything for anyone else. When levelled up this all changes dramatically.

The End

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