057. Dinosea

Types: Rock/Water

Species: Prehistoric Sea pokemon

Height: 2.0 m                                              Weight: 43.5 kg

Dinosea evolves from Fossilake starting at level 32.

Dinosea is a 'loch ness monster' like pokemon. This pokemon is marine blue except for a marble underbelly which is littered with mussells and barnacles. It has a hard rock helmet on its head which is followed by a trail of smaller Stegosaurus-like spikes along its incredibly long neck. Its back has a massive back fin which cannot be damaged. It has a longer tail than its pre-evolution plus a helix-fossil attached to it for defense. It was once extinct, but like all prehistoric pokemon it's dead bodies were given ressurectional powers by a mysterious pokemon. It wars with the sky dinosaurs due to it being the source of blame for extinction.

The End

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