056. Fossilake

Types: Rock/Water

Species: Prehistoric Fish pokemon

Height: 0.9 m                                              Weight: 23.6 kg

Fossilake is ressurected from a fin fossil and evolves into Dinosea starting at level 32.

Fossilake is a turqoise itchyosaur-like pokemon. It is quite fat but very quick at swimming. It has a long dolphin or swordfish -like nose which it uses to dig tunnels under the water as it is made of rock. It has two fan shaped fins which it uses to cause waves and storms, and a similar shaped tail fin, though it much bigger. It belly is a creamier shape and is as hard as rock. It has a small devoloping ridge on its back that is coloured translucent red. This pokemon blames Fossky for extinction and is in war with it.  

The End

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