055. Skynosaur

Types: Rock/Flying

Species: Prehistoric Bird pokemon

Height: 1.8 m                                              Weight: 57.4 kg

Skynosaur evolves from Fossky starting at level 32

Skynosaur is giant flying pokemon that loosely resembles a Pteradactyl. It is a creamy brown colour and has a collar and crown on grey rock. The crown is thin and tall. It has a long muddy yellow beak which can smash rocks with a peck or crumble them with an ear-splitting cry. Its wings are feathered -an evolutionary change from Fossky- to resemble mountains. They are brown except for the tips which are white for snow. This is also where a trio of claws reside. It has goldenrod talons on its feet and a mace ball capping its tail. Wars between it and Dinosea are common and often bloody.

The End

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