053. Magmoth

Types: Fire/Ground

Species: Prehistoric pokemon

Height: 3.4 m                                              Weight: 552.6 kg

Eleflare evolves into Magmoth starting at level 28.

Magmoth is a once extinct mammoth-like pokemon. This pokemon is completely covered in burned black bushy hair that is stuck to thier body by ash from the small volcano on Magmoth's back. In the Ice Age this pokemon was wiped out for its warm fur are fire power. Thanks to a mysterious pokemon, it was ressurected from the dead but with fire power rivalled only be legends. It can withstand very high temperatures. Instead of fire, its trunk contains molten magma which it used to reshape glaciers for a home. Although it is a fire-type is not affected by the wet and cold due to its thick coat.

The End

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