052. Eleflare

Types: Fire

Species: Elephant pokemon

Height: 2.2 m                                              Weight: 372.1 kg

Eleflare evolves into Magmoth starting at level 28.

Eleflare is a giant brown-orange elephant-like pokemon. This monster of a pokemon has a set of tusks which can be melted down to make all sorts of things. It has a long trunk which is patterned is wispy brown hair. Its trunk is used as a hosepipe for fire. Its back is covered in many little bumps and mountains which is uses for protection. This pokemon is a kind soul and very loving to any others. Though it can be vicious in battle this is only to please its trainer. Thier massive size often comes as a problem and they find it hard to run.

Bernie, the gym leader of Khakibeach City has a large Eleflare as his main pokemon

The End

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