051. Heatopomus

Types: Fire/Ground

Species: Hothead pokemon

Height: 1.7 m                                              Weight: 92.8 kg

Heatopomus evolves from Hippyro starting at level 28.

Heatopomus are large hippo-like pokemon that have a mane of fire from the head to the tail. They are much bigger and stronger than Hippyro and are very stubborn. They are coloured mainly burned black except for thier belly which is a dusty orange colour. It's giant tusks cannot fit in the mouth so stick out in a grid-lock shape. The back is decorated with two volcanoes which pour of magma when Heatopomus is enraged. This makes them lighter and therefor faster. They can withstand heat of up to 500 degrees and when they swim the water gets warmer by 50 degrees.

The End

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