050. Hippyro

Types: Fire

Species: Hothead pokemon

Height: 0.9 m                                              Weight: 21.4 kg

Hippyro evolves into Heatopomus starting at level 28

Hippyro is a pudgy, orange hippo-like pokemon with a flame burning upon its head. It's feet are coal black and do not feel pain after a lifetime of walking on molten rock. It has a mouth similar to hippopotas except smaller and decorated with volcanoes for nostrils which let steam. This is Hippyro's form of sweating as it is without sweat glands. They are not the fastest pokemon but can charge with brute force to strike enemies. They are famed for heated saunas and firing flamethrowers world-record distances. They are often bossy and cocky meaning very tough to train.

The End

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