049. Ostrigon

Types: Dragon/Flying

Species: Bold pokemon

Height: 2.1 m                                              Weight: 112.4 kg

Ostrigon evolves from Cassoworry when levelled up whilst holding a dragon's feather. It the final form of Fleemu.

A large ostrich-like pokemon with an even larger attitude. This pokemon is completely navy blue except for darker areas coloured black such as the talons, tail feathers and spikes along the wings which it uses for strong flying moves. The beak of this pokemon is shaped more like a dragons snout but is still pointed and toothless. This giant pokemon has a complete personality make-over from its pre-evolutions. This dragon backs down from no fight, and flees from no predator. It is an incredibly gifted flier, strong battler and confident performer in contests.

Gonzalez of the Coalbridge City Gym owns an Ostrigon which he often uses in battle

The End

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