048. Cassoworry

Types: Normal/Flying

Species: Worrier pokemon

Height: 1.7 m                                              Weight: 84.2 kg

Cassoworry evolves from Fleemu starting at level 30, then into Ostragon when levelled up whilst holding a dragon's feather.

Cassoworry is a much bigger pokemon and a darker shade that its pre-evolution but with bigger wings, meaning its goal is a reality. This pokemon that resembles a cassowarry tries its best to fly but is not built for skilful flying. It's body is chunky and well-built meaning flight is difficult. Instead of soaring it hovers about causing large gales with its giant wings. Its neck is a nice shade of blue and capped with a helmet similar to Bagon but coloured rooster red. It is incredibly fast and powerful. This pokemon is most often found with its head hidden underground inhaling steam from the volcanic springs of Western Koshen, preparing for its evolution.  

The End

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