The Koshen Pokedex

My pokedex for the newest pokemon region.

The region of Koshen is located between Sinnoh and Isshu. It is the third biggest region and is home to over 100 pokemon, not native to any other region.

It is the coldest region as it is the highest north of any region. Two of it's cities have all-year snow due to the fact temperatures very rarely exceed freezing. This leads to the interesting 'stilt-homes'. Houses built on stilts to stop them melting the snow with thier central heating and then sinking in the melted result.

The Gym leaders have been famed for the pokemon they choose and thier tactics. Every gym leader has a team of native pokemon, who live in argubly the most complex gyms in the world. The most famous leader is Sybill of Weathercap city, who is said to be able to read the future.

It has a long history, and has the oldest fossils and ruins. But the most famous era was 500 years ago when a dragon terrorised Koshen. A brave knight killed it, ridding the land of fear. But sightings of large dragons have risen rapidly in the last century.

Fairytales aside. The Koshen region is a beautiful area and I hope you enjoy looking into the many beautiful pokemon we have to offer.

The End

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