the king of thievesMature

My script for Screnzy :)

the set up

Being merely weeks away from ending her ‘peak marriageability age’, JASMINE’S FATHER, the SULTAN, parades a series of ever-worsening suitors through the palace.  Despite his frustration, the SULTAN cannot force her to marry until she’s passed her ‘peak eligibility’, as the law states, but each time she rejects a suitor he beats her.  However, despite herself, JASMINE simply cannot bring herself to bend to his will.

One of the suitors – a snakelike man with charm oozing off him like too much cologne – offers to get her out of the palace for the night, take her out on the town on a proper courting.  Thrilled that she’s showing any interest in one of the suitors, the SULTAN allows the evening out and her suitor takes her to an underground club, called a Brawler Pub, where men are pitted against each other in nasty one-on-one fights and the crowd bets like wild animals.

When her suitor gets in over his head with his bookie, he offers JASMINE up as payment.  The winning fighter that night is ALADDIN, and he overhears the conversation.  Even without knowing who she is, he steps in and takes her out of the situation.  Being a right coward, her suitor flees and his bookie tails him; left alone with her, ALADDIN offers to escort her home.  Scared she might never see the outside world again once her father finds out of the ruined could-have-been-marriage, she asks him to accompany her around town, instead.

They share a surprisingly pleasant evening together until the palace guards break down his apartment door and take her back to the palace by force.  ALADDIN manages to fight them off at first, but, being outnumbered ten to one, eventually he succumbs.  In the end, he is thrown into prison and she is returned to her furious father, beaten, and tossed back to the parade of suitors.

Being told of ALADDIN’S ability to fight off ten palace guards, JAFAR seeks him out and offers him a job: to enter the CAVE OF WONDERS and get the lamp.  The cave, however, is in the middle of the treacherous BLACK JUNGLE and is the hunting grounds for beasts that civilized people chose to pretend didn’t exist.  In addition to his freedom, he would be paid handsomely and given a permanent residence and job in the palace as JAFAR’S right-hand-man.

The End

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