February 6, 2014

Panther is a female hunter bent on wiping out the races of monsters roaming the earth. These are her journals.

My name is Panther. It was a nickname I got in college while studying anthropology. I dropped out after two years, and now that I'm 21, I've begun my real career - hunting.

Somewhere in between my high school years, within the string of boyfriends and ribbons of not-so decent grades, I discovered a secret. Trent was his name, and he was beautiful but he turned out to be a monster. I don't know much about them - the monsters. All I know is that not all of them are the same but all of them are dangerous.

I figured I'd start this journal to catalog my experiences; maybe I will learn more about these monsters. Maybe someone will be able to help me if they find my journal sans a conclusion.

Hopefully not the latter.


The End

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