What if God does exist?

So far in these letters, I’ve only covered one of life’s big questions, “What is matter made of?” But that is because the question is so fundamental to everything else. Thus, I apologize if I seem to be stuck on the subject, but we need to cover it further before moving on to other questions and ideas. However, I want to cover the question assuming that there is a God. Now, in doing so I am not declaring that there is one. Whether God exists or not will be covered later. For now, given that it is possible that God exists, I want to explore the question at hand as if such were the case. To start off, I want to introduce a concept that will better explain what I mean when I say the world is missing the mark in their efforts to figure out life's great questions.

If God is all that Religion tells us he is, all knowing, all powerful, etc. then trying to understand life’s great questions on any other terms than his is illogical. In my search for truth, I have spoken with many people from many different religions and disciplines of Science, and I don’t think they are aware of it, but they are trying to understand these questions on their own terms. It is hard for me to explain, so let me try to expound by referencing the concept that gave me the idea in the first pace. It is from the Bible, in a section that when I read it, it brought something captivating to my mind.

In the Book of 1st Corinthians, Chapter 2 it says, “But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? Even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God”.

Upon reading this, a picture formed in my mind of a man locked in a room with no windows or doors and I understood that he was stuck there with no way out. The thought continued that if he were born in the room and lived his entire life there, what ability would he have to know about the world outside, let alone understand anything about it. This picture led my mind to the analogy: We are like this man, having no more ability to discover the things of God than what this man has to discover the outside world while confined to his room.

Now when I present this analogy to people, especially my Science friends, it tends to ruffle their feathers. Why? Because they contemplate life’s great questions, including the possibility of God’s existence, on their own terms. For instance, if I want to have a little fun with them, I present this analogy and tell them that the man represents the human race and the closed room represents the Earth. Thereafter I leave it to them to interpret and invariably they assume that the world outside of the room represents the Universe. Thus, under this set-up they have no problem with the analogy because they view their ability to peer out and study the Universe as their means of “breaking out of the room” (if you will) and going outside exploring. But there is great error in their assumption? What if the closed room represents the entire universe… then what?

People make the assumption that the Universe encompasses all that exists and therefore, if God exists, he must be somewhere in the Universe and therefore be detectable. They assume that studying the Universe is a valid means of proving or disproving God and/or answering life’s great questions. Well, such is merely an assumption… isn’t it?

Anyway, I kept the concept of the man locked in a room tucked away for a long time not knowing what to make of it. However, as I went on to learn more about what Science has discovered, it came back up and hit me over the head.

I am not sure about any of you, but the information that Science has discovered regarding the Universe and matter (all of the things we have been discussing in these letters) startles me. I have listened to and/or read the theories of many Quantum Mechanics scholars and other scientists and the more I read, the stranger things get. Many scholars believe that we are not the solid physical beings that our senses have led us to believe but are rather manifestations of light and/or energy, a consciously connected energy that fills the Universe.

In an earlier letter, I used the analogy that we are hologram-like beings living in a holodeck-type universe. This isn’t the best analogy, and none of them are perfect, but I think ‘The Matrix’ (popular Hollywood movie - only without the dude in sunglasses trying to kill you all of the time) is a better analogy. Consider just for a second a world comprised of computer-generated people living in a computer-generated world and universe. For a time the folks in that world would be ignorant, but sooner or later some of them would become curious and start trying to figure out what it is that they are made of. Well, we know where that would lead. Eventually they would discover that they aren’t made of anything. As far fetched as that sounds, that is where we stand… if Science is correct, or at least something similar to that which gets so damn weird when I listen to the experts that it makes me happy to just settle for a hologram universe.

Now, returning to Religion, nearly all faiths are based upon a God or Gods who created all things. Many books exist that claim scriptural status (directly inspired by God) that state definitively that he did create all things. However, they say virtually nothing about how he did it. We ourselves take it from there and presume that he made things the way that we make things, assembling and shaping and molding materials. For most of history, what else could they presume? They lacked the information to do otherwise. However, aren’t we in an interesting situation today during the age of enlightenment? Even as we discover things like, “we aren’t made of anything but light and conscious energy”, we invent and use computers and program them to create what… alternate worlds and universes, where people live virtual lives i.e. World of War Craft, etc.

Now, am I postulating that God has a big computer in the sky and we are just images on his screen? Of course not, that would be overly simplistic. But, everything points to it being something like that… if he exists and for now, in this letter, the assumption is that he does exist.

So, with that assumption, let’s play around with a few scenarios for exploration purpose. Going back to the analogy of the man living his entire life in a room, he would be 100% helpless to have any knowledge of the outside world. In fact, he wouldn’t even have enough information to consider such a concept as a world. However, he could learn of the outside world if we came to visit and teach him about it, but then he would be 100% dependent on us for information. Next, let’s consider that we make his room fancy… like the Holodeck on the Starship Enterprise. With this, our means of educating the man would be greatly increased. If our programming were perfect, we could show him the outside world as if he were there. However, we would likely encounter some limitations. Our visual presentation may be perfect, but what about the other senses? I’m not sure how good a Holodeck is at smell, feel, taste, and sound. So then let’s move on to the analogy of the Matrix. What if we had control of his mind… his intellect?

If after the man were born, we instantly plugged him into the matrix program, made him the same baby there as he is here, and left him plugged in his entire life, what would his life experience be? If the matrix program was perfect so as to exactly replicate this Earth, and he exactly replicated himself as he grew, would there be any difference in the experience of his life? In theory would it not be the same?

From what we know of the human mind, the man would never know the difference. The experience would be identical. However, the scary concept of the Matrix is not the man living life inside his own consciousness, but rather the programmer. If you had to experience the rest of your life plugged into a matrix-type world, whom would you trust to be the programmer? If placed in either of these analogies, the Holodeck world or the matrix world, you would be 100% dependent on the programmer for what you experience. You would be 100% at their mercy. Thus, I ask again, whom would you trust with such power over your life and the world where you live?

Well, I don’t know about you but if I have to make that choice, I’m going straight to the scriptures and holding the programmer to everything I can find on God. He better be all knowing and perfect. He better have unconditional love and concern for me. I would have to be able to trust him in every way… wouldn’t I? And, as I sit here thinking, it all comes home. I am in the Matrix, or something strangely similar to it from what Science tells me, and… somebody had to have programmed this whole thing. Who is the programmer?

We have plenty to talk about don’t we?

Until next time…


The End

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