Comprehending the truth

In the previous letter, I stated that my goal was to discover and comprehend the truth and that these two things are distinctly different. Thus, as we previously discussed discovery, let us now turn to comprehension. In so doing, I will utilize a topic that is the foundation of everything I have to present in these letters. Thus, for now, I will use it only to help cover the topic of comprehension, but I will return to it a great deal more in future letters. The topic is - What is matter made of?

This is one of the classic questions that Science has undertaken and consequently, there is much information readily available for discovery. The question is simple – How many times can you split an object until you reach the point that it can no longer be divided? For example, a rock can be broken into smaller rocks, which can be broken into gravel, sand and dust, etc. If this process is continued you will eventually reach the point where you have the individual atoms that make up the rock. However, this is where things become very interesting because peering into these tiny objects reveals that they are not solid matter at all. Instead, they are areas of near vacuum space wherein much smaller particles (Protons, Neutrons and Electrons) exist in a manner that they make the atom “appear” to be solid. So what about Protons, Neutrons and Electrons – are they the fundamental building blocks of matter? Nope. Science has found that the same thing is true for at least the Protons and Neutrons, they are likewise areas of near vacuum space occupied by much smaller particles called Quarks. Now, the next question is obvious isn’t it - What are Quarks and Electrons made of? Well, we don’t know because Science does not presently have technology capable of identifying items that small. However, evidence exists indicating that Quarks and Leptons (an Electron is a type of a Lepton) are likewise made up of much smaller particles that exist in a manner that makes them “appear” to be solid when in reality they are not. So in other words, we have been searching and searching to find what the fundamental building block of matter is… but so far, we have found nothing but vacuum space that somehow appears to be solid matter.

Now, let’s leave the sub-atomic world and look at matter from the other end of the spectrum - outer space, focusing on one of the items found there - black holes. Black holes are areas in the universe where matter is so dense that it exhibits a gravitational force strong enough to prevent all things, including light, from escaping. A common process wherein a black hole forms is when a star becomes too large and collapses under its own gravitational force. The theory is that this process causes whatever the star is made of (you know… whatever it is that makes up Quarks & Leptons) to collapse into an ultra condensed form with staggering density.

I once had the density of a black hole explained to me in a spitball kind of way - that if you had a ball of black hole material, it would be one million times smaller than the Earth yet it would weigh one million times more than the Earth or, it would have a density one trillion times higher than the Earth. Fascinating! So looking at matter from this perspective, we learn that it is at least 99.9999999999% pure vacuum space, and we’re talking about heavy metals in this scenario. What about us? The Earth has a density approximately 5.5 times higher than the human body. So, considering ourselves, if we could collapse our bodies down into personal black holes, we would be 5.5 trillion times smaller than we now are… at least.

Now, let’s take this information and return to the topic of comprehension. What is to be comprehended from it? What does it mean to you? What does it mean about you? Again, I chose this topic deliberately to lay the foundation for letters to come, but for now… think about it. What is it regarding your existence that is to be comprehended from the truths Science has discovered regarding matter – the stuff you are made of?

Comprehension is the ability to process information into a useable form. It is the ability to draw the correct conclusions from what you have discovered. However, comprehension is different from discovery in that it cannot stand on its own. Discovery can happen singularly, but in order to comprehend, the connecting truths that surround the discovery must also be known and used correctly to formulate a conclusion. This is why the circle of truth is so important. In order to comprehend the truth on any given subject, you must have access to all of the surrounding truths that are connected to it, or at least as many of them as you can. Thus, you must be willing to follow one truth to another without bias, agenda, or preconceived notions, and this brings me to a critical point I want to cover.

I stated in the first letter that I would be the first to present the truth regarding our existence and life’s great questions. Well why is this? Why am I the one doing this? Part of the answer is because only recently has Science discovered information sufficient to put the puzzle together, but that only accounts for part of it. I believe the main reason why the truth on these topics remains hidden is because far too many people are caught up on sides of the argument. What argument? The classic one – between Religion and Science.

What I will present in these letters (I think you will find in the end) is nothing more than the rather obvious conclusions that are derived from a review of the full circle of available truths. Thus, anyone could put the puzzle together if they wanted to. However, as far as I can tell, no one is willing. They are so caught up in the age-old argument between Science and Religion that they refuse to consider all of the available data. Thus, their bias keeps them from assembling the puzzle - for they won’t consider all of the pieces. Why, because some of the pieces lie on the other side of the isle.

Well, I am not that way. I am willing to discover and consider all available truth and let it add up to whatever it will. I will begin to present what I have found in letters to come, but it will take some time to paint the picture, so please be patient.

Until next time…


The End

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