We have covered two basic questions in these letters, "Who are we?" and "What are we made of?" Well, what if I tell you that these two questions have the exact same answer...

I stated in my first letter that my goal is to learn and comprehend the truth (or the knowledge of things as they really are, have been and will be) with respect to life’s great questions. I want to know who I am and what I and the Earth and Universe that I live in are made of. I want to know how that Earth and Universe came to exist the way they do. I want to know these things and more. I also stated that my search to find answers to these questions by means of investigating the existing data of the world’s great disciplines, Science and Religion, left me questioning both sides because despite their endless efforts, neither side presently offers anything that entirely adds up and it is not because there is not enough information available to do it.

It has taken me the course of my previous letters to cover, at least in basic detail, what Science and Religion do offer and assemble pieces from both sides as a means of building the foundation of what I want to present. Thus, given that I reached the point in the previous letter where I have covered everything that I can find from these two sources, it is now time to move on and present what I believe is the truth about us and our existence. However, I will also turn your attention back to the first letter where I covered something very important about truth… that it is impossible to know on your own because it first requires knowledge of all things in order to establish it with surety. Thus, no human can know the truth on their own. However, as we have discussed in these letters, every indication points toward the fact that there is a God, and if such is the case, then someone does exist who does know all things and consequently he (God) becomes the only hope for ever knowing the truth. Thus, what I am really saying is - let me present to you what I feel God has presented to me.

We have covered two basic questions in these letters, “Who are we?” and “What are we made of?” Well, what if I tell you that these two questions have the exact same answer - Intelligence. In the last letter, we covered the writings of Father Abraham where in his conversations with God, God referred to us as Intelligences. He also told Abraham that he (God) was the most intelligent of all of the Intelligences. Well, this leads me to ask, “Who are the Intelligences?” “How many things fall into this category?” We know from the writings of Abraham that God is one of them and that we (humans) are also from among them, but what about other forms of life? Are animals Intelligences? Are plants Intelligences? Well, as far as I know, the answer is yes and it goes much further than that.

Science has spent so much effort trying to figure out what the basic building blocks of matter are. At present, the smallest known particles are Quarks and Leptons, but Science already has evidence that these particles are made up of even smaller particles.

What is it that makes up all matter? As we discussed, it is something that has a conscience. It is aware of our intentions and reacts to them. It has the ability of hear and obey God… so what is it? It is Intelligence. Matter is made up of the Intelligences and yes, you can use logic to go from there. We are Intelligences who have the experience of our existence here upon this Earth at the hands of other Intelligences who work together to create the Earth and Universe that we live in, or better said, who work together to provide us the means of experiencing the Earth and Universe that we are experiencing.

Now, I know that this is as far out there as it gets, but it all adds up and it is the only thing I can conclude that does. That being said, I am putting this out there for the picking apart. My hope is that if it is not true, someone will show me the evidence that proves such. However, I have been at this for quite some time and to date, no one has ever done that… it all adds up. Let me go on.

What do we see when we look out into the Universe. We see something that is almost too big to understand, galaxies by the billions that are continually expanding. We also find evidence that all of this at one time started from a single point and thus Science looks at this and concludes The Big Bang Theory. Well, what if it is true that we and everything else, including God, are Intelligences? What if we are Intelligences that have no beginning and thus we were not created but have always existed? If this is the case, then there must have been a time when we (God, us, and an infinite number of other Intelligences) existed without any order or form in darkness (because nothing would have existed to give off light). Now, what if the most intelligent one of us (God) was intelligent enough to: (1) want something better than an eternal existence as a lone intelligence in darkness and; (2) knew how to organize the rest of us Intelligences so as to bring us out of darkness by organizing us into various forms (matter or light) and thereby begin to create the Universe? What if God thereafter continued this work of organization and creation, drawing from the infinite number of intelligences, and continued on until this day? Would such then not appear as if, from one single point in space (for as far as I know, an Intelligence by itself has no size), everything else expanded out from and eventually became the Universe as we know it? Well… if so, then so many other things begin to make sense. I will continue in the next letter.

Until then...


The End

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