Assumption Four

It is Assumption Four of The Matrix Theory that gives it distinction. Assumptions One and Two are as basic as Scripture itself, and Assumption Three, although quite unique in concept, is just a common sense derivative of Assumptions One & Two. Thus, Assumption Four is what gives The Matrix Theory foundation. However, it is also what causes folks to turn their heads sideways and give me the look of “crazy”. Perhaps this is because the movie ‘The Matrix’ has far too much Hollywood in it for them to associate with reality and if so, I don’t blame them for the movie does not accurately depict how God has made us and the Earth and Universe that we live in. Thus, more is needed in order to get the theory out of the movies and into real life. Let’s add to the theory by turning to a new question, “How did God create the Earth?”

The only source I know of that provides detail on how God made the Earth is Scripture, and I understand that in using these writings, I make yet another assumption… that they are accurate. However, given that the theory already assumes that God exists, then I believe it reasonable to also assume that he has provided some means for us to know of him and his works, and Scripture is the only thing that I know of that claims to have been written under his direct influence. Also, I know that there are different versions of scripture: Bible; Koran; Torah, etc. However, as far as I can tell, all of these writings agree on God’s making of the Earth. Thus, I feel it acceptable to use these writings in order to cover this topic, and I will hereafter refer to them simply as Scripture.

When Scripture speaks of God creating the Earth, it states that his means of accomplishing the job was simply to speak, making commands and giving directions to the matter that makes up the Earth. As he did this, the matter obeyed and this process continued until he had formed the Earth the way he wanted it. Thereafter, throughout the course of history, Scripture also speaks of many instances where God spoke (or he had a servant speak for him) and again, whatever was commanded was obeyed by the very elements, i.e. “the waves of the sea obey his command”. Thus, it would seem that whatever it is that matter happens to be made of (and as we discussed in Letter 4, it is some pretty weird stuff) it also apparently has the ability to hear and obey God’s voice.

So with this, let’s return to the question that we have spent so much time on, “What is matter made of?” Summarizing what we have previously discussed together with what we have discussed in this letter we get:

(1) Matter is something that appears to be tangible, but is not. Rather it is some form of light and conscious energy that has the ability to present itself to our senses as tangible substance.

(2) Matter is something that is influenced by our conscious intentions and it reacts to our beliefs and desires, at least in small measures.

(3) Matter it is something that has the ability to hear and obey Gods voice, and has yielded complete control of itself over to him, reacting in exact obedience to whatever he commands.

Now, consider these points for yourself and tell me, what do you make of it? Can you see how I arrive at the Matrix Theory? If this theory were an exact representation of reality then the truth about the Earth and Universe that we live in would be as follows:

(1) Matter is the light/energy created substance that makes up all things in the virtual/computer generated Earth and Universe that we live in.

(2) God is the master programmer of the program.

(3) God programmed it for our use (as a means of providing us life experience and the opportunity to learn faith).

(4) The program is voice activated, synced with God’s voice.

However, the analogy is not a perfect representation of reality. It is too simplistic and needs more detail. Thus, let’s add more detail by turning back to the questions: “Who is God?” “Who are we?” and “What is our relationship to him?”

Assumption Two already provides the answer to these questions, “We are God’s children” which concept comes readily from Scripture. However, we have not discussed what that means and considered how it ties into everything else. It is such a basic tenant of Religion that I think we simply hear it and move on, but a fundamental principal lies hidden in the thorough consideration of this concept. If we accept the assumption that we are God’s children, then the obvious question that follows is, “Are we not then also Gods, for what child is not the same thing that their parent is?”

Now, I know that this concept doesn’t go over well with most folks and in fact, I struggle with it myself. When it first hit me upside the head I could not accept it but, after a long while of struggling with it, I was forced to admit that: (1) I wasn’t sure why because it is the obvious logical conclusion if you accept that we are God’s children and; (2) my efforts to deny it left me feeling like my friends who believe in Evolution – angry because the facts and logic don’t add up the way I want them to. Thus, I found my logical self at an impasse where I either had to accept this concept as possible or abandon it and start over in my search for truth. However, I did not have then nor do I have now any idea where else to start. If I discard the concept of being a child of God and therefore a young god myself, then I can’t make anything else add up. However, if I just go with the concept, and apply it to all of the surrounding truths, it fits in perfectly and becomes a key piece of the puzzle.

In the next letter I will delve into what I mean by this, but for now, think about it.

See you next time…


The End

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