Prior to expanding upon The Matrix Theory, I need to first cover in more detail the assumptions it is based upon. I began this process in the previous letter with Assumption One and the first part of Assumption Two, that God exists and is our father. Now let’s continue.

The third assumption of The Matrix Theory is that God purposely created the Earth in a manner such that there would be viable evidence that he created it, and also viable evidence that he did not. This is a very important principle that is directly tied to the second part of Assumption Two, that God wants us to learn faith by hands on experience. Faith is such an important topic and we will discuss it more later but for now, I will only define it so as to give better understanding of Assumption Two.

The dictionary states that faith is: “A strong belief based upon apprehension rather than proof”. What is apprehension? Look that one up and we get: “Understanding or grasp”. If we turn to Religion for a definition we find in the Bible that: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. Thus, if we combine these definitions and insert them into Assumption Two, we get: “God wants us to gain a strong belief in and a hope of things that we must come to understand or grasp based upon evidence that we gather via hands on experience, but for which there is no proof”. Interesting! Why would God (our father) want to put us in a situation where we have to learn to believe in and hope for things that we can never prove? Be thinking of that for there is a lot to discuss on it later but for now, let’s take what we have learned about Assumption Two and carry it over into Assumption Three.

Whenever I present Assumption Three to my scientific friends, I find they have a great deal of trouble with it, to the point of getting a bit angry. I suspect that this is a result of it being purely logical. When discussing the question, “Is there a God?” you have to allow for both answers to be possible, and as I detailed previously - the possibility that the answer is yes eliminates the possibility of ever proving that the answer is no. Thus, there is no way to eliminate the possibility that God exists and if he does exist, and we are his children, and he wants us to learn faith, and he created this Earth as a place for us to learn it, then the only way for him to successfully accomplish that goal would be to make things according to Assumption Three. In other words, if the basic tenants of Religion are true and God does exist, then in order for him to have created this Earth as a place where faith could be learned, he would have had to have made it in such a manner that there were at least two strong, viable options for us to choose from. Thus, God would have had to have purposely made the Earth and Universe in such a manner that strong evidence exists to support both options, and yes that means creating false evidence indicating that he did not create all things. Therefore, Assumption Three means literally, that all physical and/or scientific evidence is worthless when applying it to the question, “Is there a God?” or any of life’s great questions because there is no way to know if what you have found is valid evidence or planted/false evidence. You may find as many fossils and layers of the Earth as you like; you may peer into the Universe as far as you can; you may collide particles to your hearts content. None of it has any bearing whatsoever when considering how it all got there because of Assumption Three and its connection to Assumption Four (that the Earth and Universe are only virtual creations).

This is what I mean when I say that if God exists, then trying to understand life’s great questions on any other terms than his is illogical. If he exists, then all of the research and experimentation and exploration, etc. that we have done as humans in effort to explain how we and our Earth and Universe came into existence amounts to nothing but frolicking around. If God exists and the Matrix Theory is true… then all such efforts amount to nothing more than frolicking around inside of our own consciousness while we sit plugged into the program, which program God created as a means of giving us the opportunity to learn something very important - faith.

You can see now why my science minded friends get frustrated with The Matrix Theory. However, they are stuck with the fact that it is founded in evidence that their side discovered, namely that the Earth and Universe are not made of solid substance, but rather light and conscious energy. Thus, whether they like it or not, their side has established (and continues to further establish) Assumption Four and this assumption makes the whole theory come to life.

If you recall, I nearly jumped ahead of myself a few letters back and stated that I wanted to cover a principle that would bring The Matrix Theory out of the movies and into real life. Well, that principle is tied to Assumption Four and thus we are finally to the point where we can dive into it. We will do so in the next letter.

Until then…


The End

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