The Intangible Burden

More lyrics from a couple years ago. Let me know what you think!

In my dreams,

I was a machine.
The modern man, trying to hold on,
To his dignity .
Slowly losing (forgetting) his identity. 
The world  becomes a factory,
Cold and distant as the sun burns out.

No, not now,
I still don’t understand,
Where you’ve gone.
Oh, my love,
I don’t believe my own lies,

I see through my own disguise. 

They all carry ghosts,
All the hopes they used to be.
They all carry dreams,
All the things they think they need.

Help me out
It’s consuming this life.
Look at me,
Caving in.
Is this what you expected?

Oh, my love,
You were once so convincing.
But my metal flesh,
Can’t be pierced.
Oh, my Lord,
Won’t You loosen this death grip,
This grave has on me.

We’re not going,
To escape,
Are we? Are we
Lost or simply ghosts?
We’re not going to escape,
Either way. This ends.
And we start again.

The End

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