Well, luckily it has been a while since I needed to rant, but I seriously need to rant today!  It feels like within my relationship, I do not have the ability to be right.  Me and my partner live together and we are in a duplex so we have neighbors.  I also work at the management company that manages said duplex.  Other tenant came in and said his heat didn't work.  I tell my SO this, because it is going to get super cold today and I was pretty much telling him how bad it sucked.  Well, he then proceeds to tell me why their heat isn't working.  I tell him, no, that isn't it because I heard the entire story.  Without letting me explain why, he then just tells me how I am wrong.  I am the one who heard the guy!!! Not him!  And then he wouldn't even let me talk to tell why that couldn't be the case.  When I finally was able to tell him, he says "Well you should have just said that."  I TRIED TO!!! You wouldn't shut up long enough to let me.  And last night, we were just joking around saying offensive things to each other.  I tell him he needs to stop after a while because it was kind of getting agravating, this going on for at least an hour.  He won't listen to me and then gets pissed at me because I stop saying anything and then he just keeps pestering me as to why I seem upset.  Seriously?  If you aren't going to listen to me when I ask you to stop, why should I tell you why I am upset, it isn't like you are going to listen to me anyway.  

It seems like here lately, more and more often, everything that I do is just wrong and I am getting kind of sick of it.  I love him, with all of my heart, but there is only so much I can take before I go crazy.  Oh well.  I don't even know why I am complaining, I am just going to deal with it anyway.

The End

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