Today actually feels fantabulous. The only thing bad that is going on is the fact that this girl that I really like won't talk to me.  She wanted to be friends with me and whatnot but after just a few days, she ends up ignoring me.  It gets kind of aggravating.  She doesn't even know that I like her.  In all honesty, I would be perfectly fine just being friends with her right now.  She is in a bad relationship and she realizes it, but she is waiting for him to call it off.   I just really wish that she would realize that me and my SO really freaking like her!  

This same thing happened last time though.  She started to talk to us for a week or so, and then just ceased all communication.  But at least it isn't just with me.  She does this to everyone it seems.  But, Im gonna pester the crap out of her till she talks to me.  The crappy thing is, I gave her a damn phone so she could talk to us and made her promise to actually talk to us, hang out with us, and not just freaking abandon us again.  

Oh well.  At least other than that, life is great (: Me and my SO had a big fight the other night, but we are both better not.  So, thats good.

The End

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