The condition of LaughterMature

It hurts. Ah god make it stop. I'm going to pee my pants! 

Uncontrolled. Unstoppable. One of the best feelings in the world, but it hurts? Bubbling in your stomach. That touch that tingles and vibrates through you. I scream! I did not expect you to do that. 

Now We are wrestling and my waist is vulnerable. Oh no Oh no Oh no... There you go tickling me again. I can't stop now... Falling out of my mouth, eyes tight and brain twitches. Pushing me into the ground to see what happens. Kisses on my back that make me wriggle. Hands on my stomach and I am soft. Why do you make me so open. How are my arms so willingly in the air when you're around? Even though I know you're going to do it. Tickle. Tickle. 

I like it when you make me laugh. That spot on my knee, That joke that makes no sense, That thing, that thing that happened so long ago that you never let go. You always bring it up and I just can't hold it in any longer. I laugh. 

The End

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