Condition of LoveMature

Is love real? I can feel it. Something feels weird... Is this what love is? Is this chemical reaction releasing itself into my blood stream because of a positive reaction from this genetically perfect human works with mine? Our children will survive... They'll be attractive, they'll be successful. As long as we try and never give up and pretend we are happy through everything. Because when I look at you, Hot damn I want to make babies with you... Is this Love?

I would jump infront of a bus for you... Why? Because life without you in my life isnt real. Because if one moment flashing before my eyes just to ensure that if I survive, youre still there... Youre safe... Because I love you. Because when I stayed up with you for seven hours even though I have work in the morning and even though I didnt get much sleep last night... I get to say those words that hurt the most. I get to let it all out and youre listening. You are I feel it. In my heart, its like this soft hand is pressed into my chest and caressing my heart. Giving me warmth. spreading, never thinning out. Spreading and growing forever. Endless. A hole that we fall into together, we didnt jump, because jumping isnt natural and forced love never works. No we fell we didnt even notice it happening when it did. Now we're falling and that M word isnt so scary anymore... You hold my hand when I fail that big test. you save all your money with me and we jump on a plane to god knows where and build our own life from scratch. This is love... Blind faith. Feelings? Yes... I think. I dont know, because I didnt invent love, I just feel it and holy shit do I feel it when I look at those brown eyes. Holy shit your eyes... So inviting, so innocent, so open hearted. And that body... Melts me. Im melting... the clothes come off and who cares if I get pregnant maybe a little boy or girl that looks like you wont be so bad. Well maybe not that soon youre right go get the encare and a condom lets do this thing right. We cant ruin what we have... We have to take our time and get the hang of it. Someday those baby steps will become fourty years of dedication to another person. I feel your warmth beside me every morning and when I dont I feel empty... So alone. I dont just want you I need you. I need your big calloused hands and innocent eyes. I need your sweaty bod and hot breath down my neck. I need your passion. Even if we arent perfect, youre perfect. To me. 

The End

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