The Horror Movie That Is My Life


Roses are red,

violets are blue,

my life is so pointless

its horrid and disgusting and twisted

nothing makes sence

its heartache after headache


I sat in math class

thinking of it made me sick

so sick the room spins


Ms harrison speaks

she stands still, motionless even

her voice echoing 

she talks of numbers

it all is pointless to me

will I ever use it


I stare outside, sad

trees and plants slowly dying 

no one cares no more.


The thing about me

I notice every detail

no matter how small


a fake smile to shoes

a broken heart full of pain

i notice every detail.


"Ms. Sarah Hanson",

Ms. Harrison calls out loud

"focus please, sit still"


She spits the last words

like they burn her wrinkled lips

words she says allot.


I look at the board

the numbers and signs bug me

they dance around me.

the bell rings loudly

how i hate that stupid thing

i' break it one day!


I walk home alone

i like it better this way

its very peaceful


I trip on a rock

i see the ground coming fast

smack. face first. pain. blood.


my arms were bloody

cut from the dirty gavel,

my face lightly scratched.


from behind me, laughs.

school bullies that live near me.

i want to hit them.


they laugh and giggle

tormenting, teasing, bullies

they have no morals.


These the small things

the small things that annoy me

theres plenty more too.









The End

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