The hidden chapter 3

Chapter 3

My lessons took forever to finish. I had like 12 hours of school and I cant believe that’s how much time school is in the outside I think….

“ So Maria did you learn anything today” my uncle said sarcastically while packing up his suitcase.

I muttered something unintelligently and looked at him and said “ well shouldn’t you let me rest before I tell you the history of Leonardo Da Vinci and how he helped make designs for army ships.”

I started smirking when I said that without hesitation. That felt great to say. Without another look at him I got my books and went up to my room. I know I didn’t say much but it was great to say that to him.

I placed my books down and started off reading where I left off in “The Merchant of Venice.”


I went back downstairs after finishing the book. I kept placing my hand on my head to keep it from hurting. Ugh….I wish it would stop hurting.

I got downstairs and I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes till midnight. I laughed at the idea of me reading from 5 pm till midnight. It was a great book so it was worth it.

My stomach started rumbling and I noticed I skipped dinner. I wonder why mom didn’t bother to call me down to eat. I looked around to see if there was any dinner for me. I checked the microwave and there was a salad bowl with grilled chicken and croutons. That was my favorite. I took it with a can of Pepsi and sat down.

I looked around as I ate my food and noticed that my mom left a note on the table. The note said:

Honey, I left to visit your uncle he needed some help. I wont be back until midnight I hope you’ll be fine. I know you will be because I left you alone before. Promise not to open the door. Love you

I closed up the letter and tossed it into the trash. I know I can handle myself I know that I shouldn’t be leaving the house.

I got up to check the door and it had a lock on it as well as the other doors around. My mother never trusted me. But what I always wondered was how she gets back into the house. Oh well she’ll have to figure it out.

I got up and took my plate towards the sink and washed it. I placed it into the dish washer and took my ipod out of my pocket and went to the sofa. I played my favorite song Guilty Pleasure by Cobra Starship.

I started to close my eyes to the rhythm of the music. I guess I fell asleep because I tried to open up my eyes but I felt too weak. I was dreaming about meeting the perfect guy outside to date. I am 16 years old and I thought I was grown up enough to date.

I kept dreaming about meeting him with black hair and perfect deep blue eyes. I didn’t care much of how he kept his hair but I wished he would be mysterious and maybe shy.

I kept imagining my dream boy. I didn’t want to be alone anymore but I didn’t want to depend on boys only. I wanted a friend also. My friend doesn’t have to be a girl either.

I kept hearing this knocking sound in my dream but then I realized it was more of a banging coming from my door. I jumped up when the bang had gotten louder. I woke up completely and sat up and looked at the door. I turned off my ipod.

I got up and started to laugh. My mom probably forgot that she locked the door from the inside which was retarded. I got up and walked over to the door. I picked at the lock but I couldn’t unlock it.

“Hey, mom how do you unlock it I’m trying my best to unlock it.” I yelled a bit.

A moment later there was a crash right next to me. I stood there frozen. I started to breathe heavily as I turned my head to see what was across from me and I saw a guy in a black outfit with a black mask.

I’ve heard about guys like these. They’re supposed to be burglars. What am I saying I have to think, what have I read about burglars in my books.

Oh they can kill you and the way to stop them is by calling 911.

When I recalled that I froze. If I didn’t act fast I would be…killed. I turned around looking for the phone and when I spotted it the burglar smashed it. I froze again. I kept thinking this is the end your going to die so get your butt out that door and get your first sneak at the outside world at night.

I ran for the hole that the burglar left next to the door. He grabbed my foot and it was cold. Was he wearing a glove? Smart burglar. I landed on the floor and my face was facing the hole he left and I saw it.

The beautiful world outside. I saw real trees, real houses, real animals outside. I barely saw them because of the darkness but that was good enough for me. I was smiling but the smile got erased when I realized I was being pulled away from the hole.

I turned over and kicked the burglar in the face and I heard this crack. I was still. I wasn’t sure if I just killed the first person ever. I then started to realize that my foot snapped. I was quiet even though my foot was in deep pain. I crunched over and hugged my foot to relieve it from pain.

The burglar stood up and started coming towards me.

“Get away from me now!” I yelled my voice cracking a bit. I crawled back carefully and then he pulled out a shiny object. I looked at it confused then I realized it was a knife.

I started to get off the floor with the help of the furniture around me. My foot was still in pain so I couldn’t depend on it. He suddenly took out his gun. I guess he knew I would try to run for it. I knew this had to be the end. I never even told my mom I loved her.

“Thanks for everything mom….”I whispered. I looked down and was ready to get shot when I heard my mom screaming my name to move out of the way. I looked up and there she was right in front of me. My uncle was right besides her as well.

“M…Mom…” I said almost relieved until I remember there was a burglar in front of them.

“N…no mom get out of the way he’s dangerous move!” When I was about to push mom out of the way I heard a popping noise that sounded like my foot just broke completely. I fell down screaming in pain. My mom turned around to look at me and she was crying. My uncle went after the burglar and they started to fight.

“ Maria….honey are you ok? Come on lets get you out of here. Scott be careful. Leave him alone you….you…” my mother started cussing at the burglar and I tried to drown that out. My mom picked me up and started to run with me towards the car.

“Sweetie, here take this phone call 911. I’m going back to help your uncle. don’t get out of the car at all.” she helped me get into the back seat of the car. She handed me the phone and keys to lock the car.

She ran back inside to help uncle Scott. I stayed there silently holding my injured foot. “ I need to get fighting lessons so my foot won’t break as easily anymore..” I said while dialing 911.

“Hello, you reach the police station.” a man said with a husky voice.

“Hello, I need help my mom and uncle are being at.t..” I stopped as I hear 2 gunshots and the burglar ran out the house and disappeared in the forest. I started to cry.

“Ma’am we’re sending down the police and the ambulance now what was it that happened. Stay with me now ok don’t hang up.” he said urgently.

I started sobbing and I wanted to get out of the car so quickly that I forgot I was talking to someone and dropped the phone and limped my way over. I tripped once when I got to the hole the burglar left.

“M…Mom…” I said trying not to cry. I saw uncle Scott on the floor facing down with cut marks on him and blood all over the floor.

“Uncle Scott!!” I screamed in shock. I covered my mouth to stop from screaming. I hugged myself to stop myself from fainting. I never had this feeling before of being light headed.

There was another blood trail leading to the other room. I followed it halfway and grabbed a cane I found that must have been granny’s present for her. I used it to walk now to the other room. I stopped at the door. I heard a whimpering sound from the room.

I opened the door cautiously seeing my mom still alive on the floor facing down trying to move. She had cut marks all over her. She was also shot I saw.

“Mom!! Mom!!” I screamed. I turned her over immediately and saw she was holding her stomach. I took a look under her arm and saw that that’s where she was shot.

“M…mom” I whispered. She was still alive but she looked weak.

“M..maria…b….be caref….” she breathed in deeply and said “Be…careful with the world….” she coughed “go to Greece…a. and…” she closed her eyes and she was cold.

“and what mom?! And What?!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Don’t be dead mom I love you don’t die!!” I started to sob and someone grabbed me from behind. I screamed. The person covered my mouth and hugged me.

I started to cry more and then I saw that the police arrived. The person that hugged me wasn’t a police it was a boy.

The End

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