The hidden chapter 2

My mother woke me up it was extremely early. I knew that because each time I’m awake and its really early like 5 am early I get this nauseous vomiting feeling.

“W..what is it mom?” I said rubbing my head gently to think of something else besides vomiting.

“ Your home schooling starts today remember” she said with so much enthusiasm.

“C’mon get up, get up. You have to be ready in 30 minutes c’mon.” She left me to get ready.

I got up and swung my legs over to the side of the bed. I took a quick look at the mirror before I went to shower. I looked like a mess. My dark black hair looked like a hay stack and my face was dirty and….oh gosh is that a drool spot? Before another minute passed I went to take a shower.

I brushed my hair right after the shower and I started to notice my hair developing some curls. I started to experiment different hairstyles.

Then I stopped, wondering why I’m doing this if my mom Is the only person I’ll ever see.

I put on my clothes. I was wearing a ripped pair of skinny jeans and a black tank top with a skull on it. The tank top was tiny so you could see my tummy a little but I didn’t care. My hair was tied up in a ponytail with my long bangs hanging over my face.

“Maria Stephens if you’re not down here in 5 minutes you’re missing breakfast and you’re going to spend home school with an empty stomach! Do you hear me young lady?” she bellowed from the kitchen.

I was already downstairs when she turned around to yell again. I was leaning against the kitchen wall and looked at her seriously.

“ Ugh I can’t understand how you get down here so fast.” she said turning to get my breakfast. I grabbed my plate and ate it without another word. I expected her to say “Good morning sunshine how’d you sleep” or “ Enjoy you’re breakfast sweetie” instead I get threatened to starve before my lessons.

“Hurry up you’re tutor will be here any minute” she said washing the dishes. I gave her my plate half finished and she slapped the back of my head.

“Sit back down and eat this.” she yelled. She then dropped the plate and hugged me. I was half way to the ground when she hugged me. I noticed drops of water falling and I thought I was crying. I placed my fingers on my face but it was dry. Then I noticed my mother whimpering.

She was the one who was crying. She started apologizing repeatedly. I covered her mouth then hugged her but before I could say anything the door bell rung. My uncle was there and he was my tutor.

My mother would never let me meet anybody out of the family. I never will understand why. She says only misbehaving girls and boys can go outside. I tried to misbehave once but it never worked.

“ Hello uncle Scott. How are you?” I pushed on a smiled while my mother cleaned her face. I rarely talk to anyone because I know them all. It’s the weirdest reason to not talk but what can I say I’m weird.

“Did you get skinnier Maria or am I getting fat? You look starving.” Uncle Scott said with a weird look towards mother.

“ I’m not really that hungry anymore these days. Don’t think its mothers fault.” I said. Its true mother’s been acting strange but she never made me starve or anything like that. She loves me……I….think……

The End

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