The Hidden

Chapter 1 of my novel the hidden.

 Chapter 1

"Mommy!" I yelled. There wasn't a sound. I ran towards the door nearly out of breath. I did not like being alone at home. I wanted my mommy badly. I looked around the room. Where is she?

I ran towards the front door. I reached for the door knob and it was slammed right open and i was knocked out of the way. I fell on the floor and I saw two figures. One of them was leaving and the other was my mother.

"Maria! What do you think you're doing opening this door?" mommy bellowed closing the door. She looked injured and as if she was crying for a long time. She grabbed my arm and led me towards the stairs.

"B-but Mommy I was just looking for you. I was lonely an-" Before i could finish the sentence she opened the attic door and I walked in to the room with my blankie.

She slammed the door and i could hear her sobbing a bit. I took my blankie and wrapped myself around it and laid on the floor. Does mommy hate me? What happened? I'm a six year old girl who wants to be with her mommy.

Where did daddy go also?


                                  Ten Years later.......

My fingers were so wrinkly. I hate doing this chore. I don't like how my fingers feel.

"Mom! I'm done with the dishes." I yelled.

"Good. Can you start on dinner i need to shower? " She asked from across the hall.

"Okay I will. Mom what if someone knocks on the door?" I asked. i knew the answer to this question but I love pissing her off.

"If you open that door and go outside i will punish you. You are never allowed to go out that door. Its too dangerous I don't care how old you are!" she was furious and went in the bathroom.

I swear my mother gets angrier each time. I was freaking 16 years old I need air and sunlight. I got my education with my uncle who is  my tutor.

My daddy disappeared when i was younger but I barely remember him. My mother doesn't talk about him much and when he does he starts saying crap about him.

I wanted to go outside so badly. I want to meet someone besides seeing part of my family. My grandmother is the closest one that lives to me but shes all the way in Florida. I live all the way up in New york city.

I started to cook the italian dinner of the day. I only knew how to cook with the italian cook books here in the kitchen. My mom doesn't want me to learn more recipes.

I was making speghetti with a ceaser salad on the side. Usually i would eat alone up in the attic but mom wanted to eat with me in her room.

"mom i'm just gonna eat in my room." I told her grabbing my plate and walking up to my room.  Part of the reason I wanted to go to my room was to think a bit. The other part was to read my Twilight novel. I'm not a big fan of it but i like hearing about two teenagers in love.

I just hope it'll happen to me soon. I want to live a normal life. It's pathetic thinking about something like that. I have a nice imagination.






The End

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