The Hero In My Story

This is like a very very brief story inspired by a song...

I don’t know how I got here. It’s dark and quiet and echoing. All I can remember is his face.

This place is large, silent, and inescapably lonely. I can’t quite seem to shake off my slumbering - it feels as if I’m still in a half-dream, and all that I can see is him. He’s the only one who can waken me from this dark world.

Then the darkness suddenly isn’t so black. There’s light, the walls are crumbling around me, and there he is. Before I can respond he has scooped me into his arms, holding me close and carrying me away to safety. My fear of the darkness is eradicated by his light. All the bad things are banished back into that world of night where they can no longer follow me, and I am safe with my saviour. He guides me out of the nightmare, victorious against it’s conspiracies. Even when we are out of the dark, he still shines. He is my hero.

The End

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