Another makeup one.

Ok, I know someone else has done one about makeup but I have strong views on it. I cannot stand seeing girls with so much makeup the can't move their faces!

Some useful tips:

  1. Don't wear makeup everyday . It's fine to wear it at parties etc. but everyday applying it can be time consuming and potentially bad for your skin. Girls do often wear it very frequently, there's not much wrong with that just as long as you spend hours on it! 
  2. Mascara is a tad overrated. I think windycreen-wiper lashes look stupid, to be honest. However, a little bit can really make your eyes more noticable and you look great.
  3. Instead of foundation use moisturiser. Some makeup products might react to skin, but moisteriser helps, especially if you have spots or dry skin.
  4. If you are a fashion lover, then you may want to try some bright blusher/lipstick/eyeshadow. Go for it, but don't overdo it or you will look not cool, but wierd. I would say either focus on your eyes, cheeks or lips. Oh, and in my opinion garish bright pink lipstick and blonde hair is no a good look. Unless you are a doll.
  5. Finally remember you are beautiful. Don't trick yourself into hating yourself because you are not stick thin, or whatever. So many people fall into this trap and you DON'T NEED excessive makeup or fake nails, fake hair, fake anything really, just look after yourself. Remember confidence+care=beauty.

Thanks for reading this! I know I'm no proffesional thingy but I have gone through this! And still am now!

ps. I edited this in response to the comments, to make my argument stronger!


The End

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